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Labels Identify equipment and products all round you! Use Durable Labels to keep your Identity Looking sharp Longer.

What are labels?

In short, labels stand as excellent forms of communication from manufacturer to end user. A label consists of adhesive-coated vinyl with custom text or graphics printed on the front and “sticky stuff” adhesive on the back, thus allowing manufacturers to identify the make, model, usage or specifications of each product. Labels also play a role branding or aesthetic design.

DURABLE LABELS provides custom labels for practically any application. Enginered for long life

These high-quality labels are digitally printed and laminated for maximum durability. Labels can be layered with several high-quality laminates to best suit various specific applications.

The “Ultra-Durable Label” option demands high strength UV resistant lamination. Formulated to withstand harsh chemicals cleaners, caustic environments, weather, or direct sun- light, the “U|tra-Durable Label” layering results in a very strong label rated for outdoor applications, delivering longer wear compared to typical polycarbonate labels.

Also available for less rugged environments or specialty applications, a more cost-effective solution that still provide some weather / water resistance. For the many diverse uses and labeling needs there are label-solutions that work best respectively.

DURABLE LABELS's labels, stickers, and tags prove to be the brilliant choice in equipment label- ing & branding such as:

  • Electronics labels
  • Medical equipment tag labels
  • Lab equipment labels & notices
  • Construction equipment labels
  • Safety equipment labels
  • Recreational & ATV equipment labels
  • Rental equipment labels

As well as countless other equipment items they also make excellent machinery labels such as:

  • Construction machinery labels
  • Manufacturing machinery labels
  • Safety notice labels
  • Automation machinery labels
  • Printing machinery labels and tool labels such as:
  • Power tool labels
  • Hand tools, etc....
  • Carpentry tool sticker labels
  • Construction tool labels
  • Products, supplies, rental tools, industrial, automotive, manufacturing, the list goes on...

DURABLE LABELS delivers labeling solutions to fit your need!

  • Weatherproof Labels
  • Custom Branding Labels
  • Chemical Resistant Labels
  • Personalized Labels
  • Abrasion Resistant Labels
  • Permanent Adhesive Labels
  • Waterproof Labels
  • Vinyl Labels
  • UV Resistant Labels (10 Years+)
  • Transparent Labels
  • Tool Tags
  • RoHS Compliant Labels
  • Prototype Labels
  • Polyester Labels
  • Plastic Labels
  • Permanent Labels
  • Metallic Labels
  • Machinery Labels
  • Heat Resistant Labels
  • Equipment Labels
  • Durable Label
  • Stickers Customized Labels
  • Clear Labels
  • Barcode Labels

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