DURABLE LABELS, durablelabels.biz, INKBOXLABELS, and INK-BOXZ.com are all trade names and brand names of the INKBOXZ Print-ing Company.

DURABLE LABELS specializes in digitally printed labels of every name and nature.

INKBOXZ Printing Company was founded in 2014 by Mr. Leonard K. Black in Colorado City, Arizona. Mr. Black was previously part owner and co-founder of another printing company, yet realizing in order to follow his dreams a new company, a new locations was necessary. Due to busi-ness growth label printing began to take off!

DURABLE LABELS was created in 2015 to handle the increasing volume of label, tag, sticker, and decal business. The label printing and manu-facturing are done in-house, which means better product value, better quality control, and faster turnaround time.


55 North Pioneer Street

PO BOX 2563

Colorado City, Az 86021-2563

Phone: 1-844-775-2563

Local: (435) 775-2563

Email: DurableLabels@INKBOXZ.com

8:00 am to 5:00 pm M-F (MST)

DURABLE LABELS Mission Statement

Doing whatever it takes .... To deliver value to manufactureres through providing excellent quality label tags and stickers, To develope long term business relationships, To learn the skills of communication, To "give back" to the community, To enhance the lives of employ-ees, To create a winning team, To invent superior label, tagging, and product-branding, To sharing the value of expressed creativity, and To be of service to our fellow men, THAT's WHY WE ARE IN BUSINESS!

Leonard K. Black



Jeremiah S. Barlow



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DURABLELABELS,Durablelabels.biz and INKBOXZ.com are trade names of INKBOXZ.

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