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♦ White, Metallic & Clear Substrates

♦ Specialty application substrates available

♦ Custom Imprint or Variable Data

♦ High-Durability, Outdoor Exposure

♦ UV & Chemical Resistant Labels

♦ RoHS Compliant Labels

♦ Prototype & Pre-Production Samples

♦ Variable Data, Serial Numbered, Barcode Labels

♦ Low Initial Setup & Competitive Pricing

♦ Expedited Services & Fast Turn-around

Custom Durable Label
Custom Durable Decal

Label Construction


  • Several high-durability label laminate options, as well as cost-effective laminates for custom designs.
  • Polycarbonate laminates for impact resistance and execellent resistance to chemicals. Polycarbonate laminates come either with a smooth or velvet texter finish.
  • Ultra-Durable Lamination for premium UV protection and for long-life outdoor durable labels. Ultra-Durable is formulated to prolong label prints up to 10 years with superior UV protection as well as withstand harsh chemicals cleaners. These premium laminates come in a smooth or velvet texture finish.
  • Available also is a line of standard crystal-clear vinyl and polyester laminates for low cost indoor or short-term outdoor labels solutions.


  • In-house printing capabilities include a highly-durable UV resistant digital printing process, delivering labels superior to those printed with tradional printing methods.
  • Digital Printing provides premium durability, and allows for much lower setup costs, resulting in economical small batches. With Digital Printing unique label production times are quicker and more flexible. Expedited services available for time-critical orders.
  • Digital printing allows the ability to add variable data, such as serial-numbers, personalized custom I numbered barcodes, as well as other variable data possibilities for custom label needs.


  • Custom labels come with aggressive permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive, for maximum adherence reliability. Custom label adhesives are designed to adhere to hard-to-stick surfaces as well as withstand exreme temperture conditions, UV radiation, moisture, and most chemicals.
  • Specialty adhesives prove well for special applications and unique needs. If needed for a specific temerture range or difficult surface, apply a premium adhesives.
  • Ask for help identifying the correct adhesive to include, or application techniques to ensure maximum label adherence performance.


  • Custom labels arrive on quality liners for easy removal and application. Typically labels are processed in sheets on a lay-flat liner. If rolls or perforations are required, the design experts will work with you on any specific needs or solutions. It is possible to accommodate most special cutting and layout requests.
  • Flat laying liners are moisture resistant poly-coated kraft or clear polyester liner. For specific liner needs, please let us know. Design experts can identify substrates that meet the requirments.
  • Custom constructions are avalable yet may be subject to minimum quantity requirements.

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